Helvetica R.I.P.++ && IFR

I found it! ITC Officina Sans rocks my world! :D Other nice Sansserif-Fonts which complete the list in my post “Helvetica R.I.P.” below: Flora, Folio, Frutiger, Goudy Sans, Univers. In the post I also groaned on the lacking abilities to style fonts online: With a rather simple idea that lets you bang your head thinking “why didn’t I…” even this obstacle seems to be sovled. Shaun Inman presents the “Inman Flash Replacement (IFR)”-technique, which renders any given truetype-font inside a “flash-movie-header” dynamically. One of the first implementations can be seen at Hicksdesign – one of my personal webdesign-heroes *g*. The site was recently redesigned, but in major parts “verschlimmbessert”, as we germans would say ;) P.S.: Everybody who understands the header for this entry IS A GEEK *g. OK, enough chaotic posts and nonsense for today.