Damn Weekends

Somehow I’ve lost the “weekend-feeling”. What used to be a time of relaxation, friends and fun is now a strange mixture of work and too-much-time-on-myself. This thursday (note: our weekend officially starts thursdays g) I didn’t go out with Xaver and some others to finish a deadline-dreading website instead. OK, no problem. But somehow I’ve even got a bad concience hanging out with TV and junk-food on a saturday, because there’s so much to do even at the beginning of this semester – I don’t wanna imagine how it’s end will like. Maybe it’s just workaholic, but I think it has other reasons as well – work is a good distraction from other (maybe more important) things. As you see, I’ve got enough time to produce pointless and too thoughtful blog-entries, so don’t worry (yet) ;).