halflife halfdone

With about two years delay the probably most anticipated 3d-shooter is finally realeased: Halflife 2! …And after another three days of downloading 3,5gb of game-data through Valve’s fantastic “error-try-later” Steam-service it also arrived at my computer. There are probably better game-reviewers than me, so I’ll keep it short: Wonderful graphics even on my ol’ Athlon1800 (+ Radeon9600XT), stunning physics (even the swings on a playground work as expected!). But whats most important: The gameplay is probably the best ever: Smart opponents, challenging and very diversified missions and great realistic atmosphere. Especially the last point is very important to me: At one point in the game I was like “eeeh, you damn guards, don’t disturb me watching this sunset” lol (see Screenshot). I’m half through at the moment, and thats exactly the point where I normally dump games – I’ve never made it to the big-boss-endgame of DeusEx 2, Doom 3, FarCry because somehow I lose interest after a while. Well, HL2 proves to be different, as I can’t wait for my next adventure as “Morgan Freeman”.