Firefox kommt (or: Finding a cheap way to get your name in the FAZ)


Look ma, I’m in the FAZ! At least in teeny tiny letters… FAZ means “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, one of Germany’s biggest daily papers. The opensource-community uses this popularity by placing a full-page-ad in tomorrows edition about Firefox. Through donations on of 10-40EUR per individual the team brought up about 50.000EUR with 2403 donators – enough for one page of FAZ. Hopefully my donation helped to spread the word – and convince a broad audience that there is a live beyond the dark side ;) In case you think that this is a very stupid reason to donate money to – I will also donate for “SOS Kinderdorf” this year to keep my good concience g OK, thats it for today…whew, what a media-appearance – I’m a celebrity ;)