Only 9:40min fame left

I’m on telly! This afternoon I was sitting unsuspectingly in our university-mensa when a TV-team approached our group. Normally I’m professional at hiding myself from attention, but this time Emerson shouted “Here, take Ingo!” (Todo: Come up with some payback for Emerson *g*). So I said my twopence about the mensa-situation (“1500 students vs. 200 chairs”), and was aired this evening on HR, a local tv-channel (see vid). Hm, ok – I’ve got another 9:40 minutes of fame left in average for my lifetime (if Andy Warhol is right), and I’m curious what I fill the rest with. Probably some bankrobbing-car-chase-scenes ;) Btw: I have to stop saying “halt” in my sentences *g