Kickin' Christmas

Merry Xmas! Hope you all got through these days without big family-desasters :) In my case all went smoothly, in fact we battled each other only on my mum’s brand-new super-duper Kicker (in english its “Foosball” – strange translation…). Hm, perhaps I should return home again ;) By the way: This may be your 25th last christmas. The NASA Near Earth Object Program discovered “2004 MN4”, which has a 1/62-chance of hitting the earth on in 2029 (on a Friday 13th!). Considering that chances of being hit by lightning are somewhat close to 1/1000000, this is really frightening. But hey, who knows if we all survive four more years of George W. Bush… Finally on this “christmas-post”: A (german) proof why Santa does not exist. Laughed my ass off g. UPDATE: Some other guys try to prove that Santa does exist. The heat-problem is defeated by an ion-shield, the time-problem by traveling in 11 dimensions. One guy theorizes, that Santa is the cause for global warming by melting off the Northpole, and children should be more nasty so Santa has less work (=less global warming) – lol.