Studies, Internship, (Life)

As a result of the last few months (with rare blog-entries), I proudfully present three new projects:, Mediamap and the short animation “Sport ist Mord”. Two of them are produced with Typo3, a fact that somehow bothers me as I feel cornered as a “Typo3-Developer”. Perhaps I should do some concept- and design-work again… The last project is done with Maya, a tool that fascinates me time and again. But in the end 3D-animation is only a hobby, as I don’t consider myself an “3d-expert”. And you better be a friggin’ expert to get a job in 3d-business…. By the way: The next six months I will do an internship at Scholz&Volkmer! And I’m really looking forward to working with such innovate people – S-V was always a little dream of mine, and a year ago I not even think applying at such a great agency. The internship it titled “Web-Development”, but there’s also much Flash-Stuff in it. These days I have to write my (Life) in brackets, not much news here…I hope there will be more to blog about during my daily travels to Wiesbaden (where S-V is located).