Expanding my (non-existent) Blogroll

Two of my fellow Media-Production-colleagues started blogging: Ben Regali and Olaf Schülin. Olaf does his internship in Greece, so he should have a thing or two to blog about :) Another newcomer is Ingo Renner, my new room-mate over here in Dieburg. As a computer-science-student at FH Darmstadt he kinda fits nicely into our geek-house (and it’s just a matter of time to convert him to a mac-user *g*). We just have to figure out that name-duplication-thing…there can be only one true “Ingo” – huhuhaha :) BTW: I’m still waiting for www.emersonaraja.com! Emerson, someday I’ll domain-hijack you and forward the URL to some pornsite if you don’t register soon ;D (same goes for www.janheinze.de *g)