Doing stuff with images and colors

Yay, my first OSX-application is ready: “ColorThing” – the outcome of the “Interactive Ccocoa”-course in my current studies. The (very creative) title signifies an evenly creative and complex task: Getting some average colors out of multiple source-images and … well, save them (into Photoshop-palettes). I know, it probably won’t be the next Delicious Library, but I sure had a lot of fun doing the interface-design and working with all those cool OSX-technologies. Thanks to Iven, Carsten, Sepp and Emerson for their support! Download ColorThing for MacOSX Update: Iven just told me that the current version of ColorThing was a developer build which does not run on other computers – dammit. New version is attached, as an Universal binary (whohoo). And for all those miserable windows-users: a screenshot ;)