Trying to develop after the open-source-principle “Publish early and often” I’m releasing some “under the hood”-updates to this website. A new design is on the way, but for today the focus is on content and functionality. I’m very inspired by the fresh ideas of signal vs. noise, the weblog by Ruby-on-Rails-creator 37signals – especially one post titled “A challenge for 2006: Cut your site in half”. So, what’s been done:

  • CMS-Upgrade to Typo3 4.0RC1
  • more RSS-formats (RSS0.91, Atom, RDF)
  • language specific blog-view (“show only english posts”)
  • focus on a single web-portfolio (and a tiny link to “other works”)
  • updated “about”-section
  • named my “thoughts”-section what it really is: a “blog” (to hell with those pseudo-individual wording
  • dumped the “fr33 the pixel”-tagline – I’ve never known what it meant anyways…
  • mini-blogroll (with xfn-tags)
  • RSS-feed on recent works
  • improved human-readable urls (RealURL rocks!)
  • temporarily disabled the styleswitcher due to incompatibilities with the new Typo3-version

Update: Comments are not working…again sigh