Bachelor and beyond

It probably took some days and about 20.000km of travel to realize: Wow, I’m really finished, and a new chapter in my life is about to start. I just graduated from University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, after four years of studies. And after a lot of administrative chaos, I could now print “Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Media Production” on my oversized (non-existent) business cards.
In the meantime I spent three months hacking away on my pet-project and bachelor-thesis “Syndicure” – a web-based collaborative RSS-reader for info-junkies (more details on the developer weblog).
So, next chapter: I’ve never been away from sweet home Germany for more than a couple of weeks, and it’s about time to change that. Starting in August, I’ll be doing an internship at Silverstripe, in Wellington. New Zealand. They’re a young innovative company in a vibrant metropole, so probably a perfect place to spend five months of serious web-development. Although I still have to look at the spinning globe of Google Earth to grasp how far away New Zealand actually is, I’m really looking forward to this experience.