Tasty flowers

After all the talk about “the real life” on my blog, it is clearly time for a geeky post ;) Today I’m moving another part of my digital life online: Bookmarks. I’m probably a bit late to the party here, but I evaluated the options for quite a while. I wasn’t too impressed with the feature-set and user interface of deli.cio.us (besides the fact that I can never remember where to put those damn dots…). The release of ma.gnolia was more exciting, providing ratings, private bookmarks, nice typography and more social features. I’m totally digging (no pun intended) the concept of tagging, and have been pretty busy converting my “web 1.0”-hierarchy to sensible tags – take a look. Apple, can you please give me a filesystem that natively supports tags? (and I’m not talking about those stinkin’ smart folders, which are basically fake filesystem-searches). Two reasons why it took me so long to make the switch are speed and integration: Magnolia was painfully slow when it was released in 2006. And I was under the impression that the process of creating a new bookmark online wasn’t unobtrusive enough to actually be useable. Thanks to Safari, I call the ma.gnolia-bookmarklet by simply pressing Apple+1 now, easy as pie. These days, I’m always wondering what I get back for putting stuff on the interwebs. One of the biggest advantages for being active on last.fm is that you get music recommendations based on your input. It would be great to have these fuzzy recommendations for all kinds of services, say “People who read this feed are also interested in” or “People with similar bookmarks”.