Hills, maps, sun & coffee

A quick uncoherent summary of what I’m up to down under: Last week I met Diana, an ex-workmate from good ol’ Scholz & Volkmer. She’s travelling through Ozzie and NZ with her friend Madleen, and had a two-day stop in Wellington. We didn’t manage to meet for over two years, so found it quite funny to sip a coffee on the other end of the globe :)

Concerning work, I’m pretty much fulltime managing and developing for an US-based client doing a Google maps mashup, helping to get the awesome Silverstripe 2.2 release out of the door, and coordinating translators for localization of the interface. I’m also having a closer look at agile development, a methodology which helps us to deliver great projects – and is exactly the stuff that would’ve been helpful to learn during my studies hehe.

Today I’ve had a bike trip to the Wellington Wind Turbine, which towers in the “hinterland” of Wellington. It took some sweat getting up there, and I’ll definetly won’t feel my legs tomorrow, but it was well worth the effort: A stunning 360 degree view of the harbor area, surrounding bays and even the Marlborough Sounds (northern tip of the south island). Check out the panorama-shot (requires Apple Quicktime)

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