Randomness #1: Turns out we were (involuntarily) following the traces of Sigourney Weaver last weekend, who happened to be at the Mighty Mighty and “Lanes”-bowling wednesday and thursday (we went friday and saturday) – see article in the Dominion Post. From now on, I’ll stalk celebrities with web 2.0 power: The local mapping service “Zoomin” actually has a Wellington Celeb Vista group which maps celebrity sightings haha.

Randomness #2: I could’ve sworn I’ve seen Reiner, an ex-workmate from german Scholz & Volkmer the other day at J.J.Murphy’s in Wellington. Haven’t seen him in three years, and wasn’t entirely sure it was him, him being uncommonly bearded and slightly broader face. So I walked past after an brief irritated look. Afterwards I looked him up on various social networks, no mention of Wellington-travel etc. Now I just got an email from another ex-workmate Diana, apparently she has seen him down south on the Abel Tasman track as well – what the… The world is surely a small place.